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Monday, 10 May 2021


May 10, 2021 27

What must you know before starting a blog? 

ANSWER: Yes. This Complete guide on how to start an EARNING BLOG is what you should know because One of the major reasons why many Bloggers give up their interest in blogging at the end is majorly caused by some things they ought to have known before starting their blog.

But many people think blogging is a cool way to make money, they don’t think on how what, Why they need to make money with it?

Well one would surely make money blogging, but as an entrepreneur who knows in his mind, that he has a lot to risk to become very much successful in whatever he has invested in, so is blogging, you must be ready to sacrifice all it requires; ready to share the information internet users are requesting, sharing adequate information’s as related to your niche. Not spam, not copied from other website or blog, and must be original at its peak.

The fact is; starting a blog can be quite easy, but running a successful one is a task you must be ready to carry out, you must be sure to ask yourself “WHAT MUST I KNOW ABOUT BLOGGING BEFORE I START A BLOG? Like a Harsh Margal (SHOUTMELOUD.COM) will say, ‘A successful blog is a result of a hardworking blogger”,  That is, A blogger who has work enough would surely make a living from it.

Blogging is no Child's play, so before you start a blog you must be sure of what, why, reasons for you to start a blog, you must ask yourself that, ‘do I have the capability, Do I understood what blogging is? If you are sure you want to start blogging, read the best tips to start a successful blog 

Click HERE to learn The 30min guide to creating a money-making blog


  1. Blog For Passion Or As Business:: this is the major gist of blogging if you don’t have anything in mind as related to these two, then blogging is not for you. As passion will make you work hard and make you do what you love doing at best. likewise Business you know it’s your company; you just want the best from your company, you want to grow at a fast rate, compete and survive among other business partners.
2. Be Sure Of What You Should Blog About – Niche
    Many niches are outside untouched, yet many newbies (new bloggers) are too keen on the most popular niche. You should be different from them, be wise, before you start blogging, learn the     best tricks, and also do a lot of research to confirm the niche you choose is a required niche people usually request. 

3. Don’t join the popular niche because it is too competitive. 
    This is what NEWBIE is really fund of doing.

Example of some very popular niche:
  1. Entertainment e.g Lindaikeji
  2. News – Naij.ng, Punchng.com
  3. Technology – Techloy, Ogbonge blog
  4. Fashion/Lifestylebellanaija.com
  5. Education Myschoolgist.com.ng
  6. Sportsowolaball.com.ng
  7. Top Listings – michaeltrendz.com, Newsnow.com 

These above popular NICHES requires a blogger to updates their post daily, even as the information is been collected from their sources and would surely require a lot of responsiveness to the internet. 

Next Niches/Blog Topics might require weekly post or Set a time to Maintain;
  • Nature /Art
This niche is the one I call Professional Niche, Usually for ARTIST, ARCHAEOLOGIST,  And people who deal with nature and Art in general. it is based on interest tho! But can be made one's interest if properly ventured into, According to Research on what people search on the internet, most of the question people usually ask is ‘HOW-TO’ may be How-to Draw, Paint, make sculptural art and likes based on what they want to learn. I’ll say people who have an interest in Nature and Art are recommended for this niche.

  • Photography: If you are good in this aspect, then don’t look for other topics or niches you should blog about. Except for making money with ads, You can create your portfolio, your projects for people who wants to hire your service.
  • Startup tips: Sharing ideas as they come to you is an act of giving, as tho, you cannot utilize all these ideas as they come to you but someone outside there has the money to start that buisness tips you are sharing.
  • Traveling: Simple to everyone who loves traveling, just share your experience with where you have been where you would want to go if you have the opportunity if you want to go there.
  • Review: Best means of making money if you are ready to work online, like netgad.com You can earn as much as you can in as much you post regularly and you review what people are searching for. For instance, the latest phone "Maybe SAMSUNG S20 ULTRA"you update its spec, details like this is article IS SAMSUNG S OUT or this.
  • Pet/Animal: It requires a passion for it tho! Check: https://www.dailypuppy.com/http://cuteoverload.com/
  •  Top Listings: Simply top chart blog most of this blog ranks E.G: Socialblade and Rankng.com is a good one to start with.
  • How to/Tutorial: Tutorial/How to is the best niche for you if you really have the information to share. A website like wikihow.com is making thousands of dollars daily with Google Adsense with the rate of how they are been visited. other how to blog includes; www.ehow.comhttps://home.howstuffworks.com/.
  • Gaming: According to Cnet these top 10 Gaming blogs are said to be the best earning and informative blog.
  • Food blog: According to DETAILED.COM,  50 list of top Food blog were listed around the world with https://www.thekitchn.com/ , among others.
  • Blog Tutorial: Just like I'm teaching here, you must be passionate enough to start a teaching blog.

So in choosing a niche you must be sure of what your niches are.

1. Choose a good blog name (if about tech something like techinme.com or .net, .ng,  .info based             on your interest)
2. You must be ready to write articles
3. You should not think of making money with the blog when just starting(though making money is a primary aim)
4. You must have all the required tools to blog.

With this, you are ready to go and overcome any challenges that come your way to blogging.

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Why Do People Show off? A Wise Advice

May 10, 2021 0

I don't get it, what's your problem, yes what's y the problem, your still pointing finger saying at yourself as if you don't know its you who is been referred to, yes you mister Man, what's your problem.

Must you show off? are you the first person to buy a car,  to build a house, to live a good life, to be beautiful or handsome, to have a good result, must you show off, yes! what's your problem.
Have you forgotten that your entirety and who you are is all because of the mercy of God upon your life, so what's your problem, there is enough stress already in the world and people are dying everywhere, stop using the social media to cause more hypertension to people in a bid to SHOW OFF your success, better still flaunt your success. The reason why you want a car, or a house of your own, or a beautiful wife or girlfriend or a handsome man, better still, a man with abs and six cars parked is all just because you want to show off to the next neighbor that you are better than her, when will we stop all this nonsense and when will this rat race end.

Let me tell you true influence doesn't come from material possessions, it solely comes from the amount of impact you have made on lives and nations, not on the I phone you just bought, or because of the car you just bought.
Did God do a mistake to give you money enough to live a good life and perhaps fend for someone else.
Can't you be rich and keep quiet?
Can't you flow under the anointing and keep shut?
All because you were able to pray for someone that had headache and it went we shouldn't hear word again,

What's your problem?

Do you think Jesus died so you can cast the headache out and show off? while your mates are pushing buttons in the spirit you hear feeling big because you preached and someone applauded God in your life, must you show off? 

I know I have touched the tails of people and some may see me as wrong, but I better be an enemy that wants your good to show.
All this egoism we flaunt around with because of the little success we achieve..it pays no good at all.


By Sunday Savior
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May 10, 2021 0

Listed below are the 2021 RANKING of Nigeria TOP 10 Blog according to Search ranking.

ThisDayLife, formerly called ThisDayOnline.com are well known for their general news update with professionals managing the website.

Good blog, Based in Abuja, Wuse. Going strong also a news blog but gives their update from the northern side.

This blog is growing effectively with its business tips and ideas and other online related tips, from a young entrepreneur, whose aim is to educate other business minded people and also make them grow effectively in any business they venture in.

7. Naijaloaded.com
This blog use to be the only music website when not many competitors has bargain into the music niche, with many awards to this music blog still known to be the best music blog today in Nigeria

Pulse.ng is so good in video/news post from street to formal, to abroad with very much viewers on this platform

One of the pioneers of blogging in Nigeria, known best for weddings, outings, outfits, that is fashion said to have inspired Linda Ikeji.
Uche Pedro has stamped her name in the history of blogging in Nigeria through Bella Naija. She actually inspired the widespread use of “Naija” by Nigerians. Bellanaija is one of the biggest Nigerian blogs.

Punch is one of the blogs I expected to seriously challenge for the number one position and think they are doing just that.
Was once the biggest website in Nigeria but lost the position back to Nairaland and now coming third behind Naij and Linda Ikeji in this blog rating.

Have been consistent as the number one blog in Nigeria and probably in Africa for the past two years and still going strong. Congratulation Linda Ikeji for making the number two on our list and hope you keep getting stronger and innovate someday.

Naij is an award-winning website, talking about the best source for local Nigerian news, they are known and respected for their adequate information from reliable sources. They have their articles or news been posted daily, this makes this blog so friendly with major search engines on the internet. Though it wasn't created by a Nigerian, but the fact remains that, whether this news blog belong to a Nigerian or Belarusian, one thing is sure; it has made its mark in Nigerian blog and social media industry and therefore deserves our attention and recognition. 

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May 10, 2021 1


It’s a new year, and it’s a must to be ready. Adobe inc in the U.S said online product sales will reach higher stands from Now through December, A 14% increase than the previous year. With the higher rush on festive sales, but it’s smarter to properly prepare your business for 2021.

Don’t delay it over Next month to get the new year’s wheels on track. Instead, give yourself a couple months of runway to get up to speed for a powerful take-off. If you don’t have a plan yet for 2020, don’t panic, - it’s definitely not late to begin now. Here are 3 ways you can start 2020 Smartly.

1. TRAINING – Make a Plan to learn.

For business growth, you must invest in the professional growth of your team. Best and quality training will help accomplish this. It permits your group to keep up with Digital skills, monitoring requirements, variations in products or services, and branding. In order to obtain those rewards, you have to allocate the exact budget.

Every single business’s state is diverse, so it’s vital to measure your needs correctly. Medium-to-large organizations often allocate 2% to 5% of income budgets, according to eFront. If you’re a cash-strapped start-up, that amount may be out of range, but you should still calculate what training budget you can afford. Consider group-training preferences, which can be inexpensive due to volume discounts. Also, use your in-house experts to provide training through three-monthly group workshops or mentorship courses. Rochester, NY-based Birchcrest Tree & Landscape takes this approach, using employee trainers to uphold quality and boost success. The company consigns employees across departments as trainers; when there’s a training need, that's their full focus. When there’s not, team members concentrate on completing the typical daily tasks in their respective sections.

2. GOAL – Set Achievable Goals.

Don’t be like the New Year’s resolution maker who pledgees an ambiguous resolution to “build up a good shape.” To drive income and growth, you must establish concrete goals, ones to which you and your team can be held accountable. The best way to do that is to make your goals “SMART.” This popular acronym, copied from the self-improvement world, stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound. This means every one of your genuine goals needs to state in detailed language correctly what's to be realized, by what time point, by which methods -- and how you can prove you’ve achieved it.
Say you’re in an Animal-foods market. You might set a SMART goal to increase sales of your high-protein dog brownies by 2% by the end of the 1st quarter. You would likewise plan to achieve that through a 12-week online advertising blitz. 
“Once you are all set with your goal, split it into smaller milestones with their own deadlines,” advises Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and founder of Flock, a collaboration platform vendor. “This stops team members from becoming overwhelmed by ambitious goals. The team finds it less intimidating to focus on one small component of a project at a time.”

3. Prioritize high-quality data.

Today’s business world runs on data, so it’s critical to make sure yours is correct and well-managed. “Data must be accurate and clearly structured before you can analyze it effectively. Bad data renders your machine-learning tools and personnel investments useless, and it can ultimately lead to errors that harm your business,” explains Vince Dawkins, president, and CEO of Enertia Software, to Innovation Enterprise.

Start off 2020 with an eye toward data quality -- you’ll thank yourself later. Insist your team follow best practices for data management. This includes measuring your data quality regularly, cleaning databases, and taking a hard look at the flow of data through your operations.

Start by prioritizing which data is most important for your business, making sure the associated databases have no duplicate or inaccurate information. Set up a data-improvement plan (and associated SMART goals) to tackle this project efficiently. In the end, you should have KPIs that allow you to assess the quality of your data and databases that conform to them.

The end of the year isn't just for office holiday parties -- it’s a key time to prepare for January and beyond. Through appropriate training, SMART goals, and robust data management, you can start off strong. Prepare today, and you’ll be ready for a great new year.

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Sunday, 9 May 2021


May 09, 2021 2


Data Reselling business has indeed grown to a Higher level of recognition among all types of business in Nigeria. Well said! Many people want to learn how to start a data Reselling business, But information for startups about this business is few or not available to reach those in need. Since you are here, Don't Panic, You'll learn how to start the business and build a worth stream of income around it.
This article will be in 2 parts;


  • You need a Phone (Android and/or iPhone) with a small torchlight 2 sim phone (Itel or Tecno).
  •  Sim Cards: MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, and Etisalat.
  • Lot of Airtime to start 
  • Readiness and Eagerness to work.
With this 4, you are on a 30% scale ranking.


You will start to know HOW-TO-START-DATA-BUSINESS with my absolute guide for just 3,000 and free training for just one 1day on WhatsApp.

Starting up the Data Business in Nigeria could require a lot of information, But I have all you need to start with. It takes nothing less than 1 hour to have full indebt knowledge of How to start a Data Reselling Business. 

Imaging selling Data of 1GB @300 Naira only! What again would you make with an investment of about 5k

Click here to Chat me up on WHATSAPP OR CALL 09031662627 on whatsapp only.

To get all information on how to start selling all Nigeria network providers... MTN, AIRTEL, GLO, 9MOBILE. BONUS: you will learn how to start a cable subscription for free...

I'm giving out this offer to the audience who message me and indicate they saw this post on michaeltrendz blog.

I will show you the secret behind the advertisement post below for free, how to make your design and attract customers! A lot to learn...

Hurry and Get your E-book for just 3k omly from this Platform, Message me on whatsapp.

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May 09, 2021 0

The question on Why bitcoin is rising so fast is as a result of the Purchase, news, and Analysis of Bitcoin that makes the market worth the price currently.

About 3 years ago today; coinmarketcap.com revealed that 1 bitcoin price had risen to $6,000 the highest ever in 2019. Five days later (Monday 5/15/2019), bitcoin reached a max of $8,000. we thought it was magical until 2021, Currently, bitcoin is worth $57,000. The same process has happened right, From May 2020 to May 2021, 1 Bitcoin has added value of over $45,000 plus, isn't that Magical?

Definitely, bitcoin has once risen very high in late 2018 and early 2019 from 2020 till now. Bitcoin's current price above $50,000 is still lesser than what it has once risen to $63,500 the highest in bitcoin history, set in April 2021. Bitcoin was last worth at least $63,000 in April 2021.

With Ethereum risen from 190usd/BTC to 3000usd/BTC within 2020 and 2021, and XRP the highest coin with a circulating supply of 42,133,310,721

While bitcoin's price has been rising at a rapid pace in recent days, it has boomed and spiked to a whooping all-time $63,000 in 2021, Take the opportunity and save crypto for the future.

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Friday, 5 February 2021

What I am Doing Now to have a realistic daily routine by public declaration

February 05, 2021 0

 What I am Doing Now

I’m Dare Michael, trying to lead an exciting, yet stable and habit-based life with my standing most available person. This is what I spend my time doing:

  • Being a supportive and present friend, and son.
  • Selling Gadgets and accessories for income.
  • Building the best e-sim and wireless network that serves my locale (and learning some crucial telecom skills in the process)
  • Writing articles for my blog, and creating content that will teach people on how to start a business with little or no funds.
  • Taking piano lessons and 👇
  • learning a personal interest that only I know about.💥
  • Working out on a course for a professional certificate in finance and business 
  • Partnering with my Co-business owner T**L & M***C GROUPS.
  • Working on having a reading and learning habit daily.
  • Reading 2 books around a topic within a month around the topic.

On a more global level, these are my priorities:

  • Teach people how to love humanity more, with an example from me and my wife.
  • Travel the world with my wife exploring and sharing experiences, featuring influential people around a business niche.
  • Regular exercise – especially gym works.
  • Eat well
  • Sleep 6 hours a night
  • Delegate the things I don’t want to do/shouldn’t be doing
  • Have time to play piano
  • Increase the proportion of my income that comes from my own products (increasing overall income is currently of lesser importance to me)
  • I am open to considering new opportunities, as I highly value novelty, spontaneity, and growth. However, I aspire to stick to my priorities 90% of the time. As a result, I will say no to the majority of requests that come my way now.

If my activities or priorities happen to change, I’ll update this page to reflect those changes. The last update was February 04 14, 2021.

This page is a public declaration and a reminder to myself, and it balances out the goal-driven nature of my Impossible List. It was inspired by Derek Sivers.

If you’d like to create your own and make it public, here’s a guide on how to build your own website.

copy and reference how I inspired you and pass it on.

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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

How to make money online - THE TRUTH YOU SHOULD KNOW

August 14, 2019 6

Making money online is one of the easiest ways to fetch money into your pocket, But Some things need to be clear before you embark on your journey to making money online.
I have been a blogger for quite 4 to 5 years now and making money online has been quite simple in my opinion with services like Affiliate, Google AdSense, Advertisement, and likes, you can make tons of money if you find your right niche in the industry.

Online money-making starts with interest, if you know how to talk best about your interest you’re in the quest to become the next Millionaire online.

You can start a Topic on a blog or any social platform, Just make sure you are reaching, meeting peoples needs, and you’re solving the problem, I started this blog out of sharing Professional tips that I get in seminars, books, thought, etc..; and I've seen it as a medium to impact life, I realized I had an interest, Then how can I get an audience to listen to what preach? or How can I create a platform to Impact life, out of which I created this platform, Meaning you can make money out of interest.


Lately, I realized I share more tips and news on Gadget via my WhatsApp groups and Status, in which I was getting many viewers, So I decided to Start netgad.com   a blog created out of interest for Telecomm and Gadget, I started the platform to review a product on AMAZON, ALIEXPRESS, JUMIA and so on, Targeting my local audience will fetch me money using the platform to share all I post on my status for free.

7 tears old Ryan on youtube makeover 1Millions of dollars monthly just for sharing his interest with the help of his parent. His niche is simply kids toy, the Latest toy review, Hoe to use them, etc.

The young YouTuber has over 21 million followers and an estimation of about 30millions on his 2 YouTube account making him the richest youngest YouTuber ever lived...

You can make money as well, Just make research on your interest, list them down and find a niche(Topic) around it, Build your audience and find a platform for it.

Kindly comment below your thought, also share if you love this article
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Five (5) Business to start with less than 50,000 naira in NIGERIA

August 14, 2019 0

5 Side Hustles You Can Start With 50k or Less, In Nigeria.

Starting a business with low capital is not only possible, it is doable and can be very profitable if done rightly.

Let's have a look at 5 side businesses you can start in Nigeria with low capital(50k below)

This business involves buying items from China or other countries at a cheaper rate and selling it for profit here in Nigeria. I know some people who are doing this business and they're making huge profits daily.

Business owners are busy people and may not have the luxury of time to handle their social media page at all times. This is where you come in. You help manage their social media account, respond to comments, reply DM's, engage with the audience, and help them grow their business.

This is very simple to start. People love to smell nice, so perfume will always sell. You will need to approach a wholesaler, buy in bulk from them in different sizes and resell. For a start, you should buy the 3ml, 8ml, and 12ml sizes.

People are making lots of money via Uber/Bolt. If you know how to drive and you know your way around the city, then you shouldn't be complaining about unemployment. Look for agencies that recruit drivers, sign up with them and start making money daily by driving on Uber/Bolt platform.

There is money in agriculture. Snail farming does not require huge capital. You can have a snail farm in your backyard. Snail farming is one of the cheapest agribusinesses to start, but it yields huge capital when you do it well, because of the high demand for snails.

From the above list, which one would you like to start?

Comment below if you need more clarification

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