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Wednesday, 14 August 2019

How to make money online - THE TRUTH YOU SHOULD KNOW

Making money online is one of the most easiest way to fetch money into your pocket, But Some things need to be clear before you embark on your journey to making money online.
I have been a blogger for quite 4 to 5 years now and making money online has been quite simple in my opinion with services like Affiliate, Google AdSense, Advertisement and likes, you can make tons of money if you find your right niche in the industry.

Online money making start with interest, if you know how to talk best about your interest you’re in the quest to become the next Millionaire online.

You can start a Topic on a blog or any social platform, Just make sure you are reaching, meeting peoples needs, and you’re solving problem, I started this blog out of sharing Professional tips that I get in seminars, books, thought etc..; and I've seen it as a medium to impact life,I realized I had an interest, Then how can I get audience to listen to what preach? or How can I create a platform to Impact life, out of which I created this platform, Meaning you can make money out of interest.

Lately, I realised I share more tips and news on Gadget via my WhatsApp groups and Status, in which I was getting much viewers, So I decided to Start   a blog created out of interest for Telecomm and Gadget, I started the platform to review product on AMAZON, ALIEXPRESS, JUMIA and so on, Targeting my local audience will fetch me money using the platform to share all I post on my status for free.

7 tears old Ryan on youtube make over 1
Millions dollars monthly just for sharing his interest with the help of his parent.
His niche is simply kids toy, Latest toy review, Hoe to use them etc.

The young YouTuber has over 21 millions followers and estimation of about 30millions on his 2 YouTube account making him the richest youngest YouTuber ever lived...

You can Make money as well, Just make a research on your interest, list them down and find a niche(Topic) around it, Build your audience and find a platform for it.

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