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Wednesday, 10 July 2019


July 10, 2019 0

A heart break could be worse than the turbulent waves that arouse a deep blue sea,making the heart more battered than a shattered piece of ceramic plate,from the truama he/she passes through,to more less the sleepless nights,i wouldnt even want to think of the amount of tears that could have gushed out...

yea yea i know what it feels like,and most times we feel this way because we really did love this person,we didnt just fall in love,we made the jump and decided to rest in the arms of one we thought felt the same way we did,the irony of it all is that the deeper the affection or love or romance we had with this person,the deeper the pain we feel in the end,which in the end leaves the note at the front doors of our hearts,a question that makes us ponder if love is actually real,well while in this pain,you have to remember that you don't need anybody to complete your being,you need to love yourself first,and if anyone had tried crushing your heart,the most beautiful thing you could do is to remind yourself of how much you love you,for in the end the only person that stays with you 24/7 is you, so while he/she has acted below the standards you have placed on them,and while you placed the value of an eagle on them but they turned out to be chickens or perhaps frogs,baby all you need do is to run back into the arms of that person who stays with you 24/7,and this could be tough,because you rated this person as your resting zone,the memories you created were like the drops of dew from a leaf,so soft and tender,but now this same thoughts seem to be piercing dart,now you need to remember that to heal is all a process,trust me id be deceiving myself to tell you that the tunnel to get yourself healed from any kind of hurt is easy but
give yourself sometime,remember the first person after your God that should love you is you

Sometimes all we need is to go back to our first love.

© savietalk
© michealtrendz

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Wednesday, 15 May 2019


May 15, 2019 0

The question on Why bitcoin is rising so fast is as a result of Purchase, news and Analysis of Bitcoin that makes the market worth the price currently.

About 7 days ago exactly last Wednesday; coinmarketcap.com chart revealed  that 1 bitcoin price had risen to $6,000 the highest ever in 2019. Five days later (Monday 5/15/2019), bitcoin reached a max of $8,000.Currently bitcoin is worth $8,042.88 according to coinmarketcap.

Definetely, bitcoin has once risen very high in late 2017 and early 2018. Bitcoin's current price above $8,000 is still lesser than what it has once risen to $19,500 the highest in bitcoin history, set in December 2017. Bitcoin was last worth at least $8,000 in July 2018.

With ethereum risen from 190usd/btc to 220usd/btc for the first time in 2019, and XRP the most highest coin with circulating supply of 42,133,310,721

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Monday, 17 December 2018

Why Do People Show off? A Wise Advice

December 17, 2018 0

I don't get it, what's your problem, yes you what's your problem, your still pointing finger saying at yourself as if you don't know its you am referring to, yes you mister woman, what's your problem.
Must you show off? are you the first person to buy a car,  to build a house, to live a good life, to be beautiful or handsome, to have a good result, must you show off, yes!,what's your problem.
Have you forgotten that your entirety and who you are, is all because of the mercy of God upon your life, so what's your problem, there is enough stress already in the world and people are dying everywhere, stop using the social media to cause more hypertension to people in a bid to SHOW OFF your success, better still flaunt your success. The reason why you want a car, or a house of your own, or a beautiful wife or girlfriend or a handsome man, better still a man with six packs and six cars parked, is all just because you want to show off to the next neighbor that you are better than her, when will we stop all this nonsense, and when will this rat race end.
Let me tell you true influence doesn't come from material possessions, it solely comes from the amount of impact you have made on lives and nations, not on the I phone you just bought, or because of the car you just bought.
Did God do a mistake to give you money enough to live a good life and perhaps fend for someone else.
Can't you be rich and keep quiet?
Can't you flow under the anointing and keep shut?
All because you were able to pray for someone that had head ache and it went we shouldn't hear word again,

What's your problem?

Do you think Jesus died so you can cast head ache out and show off. while your mates are pushing buttons in the spirit you are hear feeling big because you preached and someone applauded God in your life, must you show off? WHATS YOUR PROBLEM
I know I have touched the tails of people and some may see me as wrong, but I better be an enemy that wants your good to show.
All this egoism we flaunt around with because of the little success we achieve..it pays no good at all.

By Sunday Savior
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Tuesday, 6 March 2018


March 06, 2018 0

Listed below are the 2018 RANKING of Nigeria TOP 10 Blog according to Search ranking.

ThisDayLife, formerly called ThisDayOnline.com are well known for their general news update with professionals managing the website.

Good blog, Based in Abuja, Wuse. Going strong also a news blog but gives their update from the northern side.

This blog is growing effectively with its business tips and ideas and other online related tips, from a young entrepreneur, whose aim is to educate other business minded people and also make them grow effectively in any business they venture in.

7. Naijaloaded.com
This blog use to be the only music website when not much competitors has bargain into the music niche, with many award to this music blog still known to be the best music blog today in nigeria

6. Pulse.ng

Pulse.ng is so good in video/news post from street to formal, to abroad with very much viewers on this platform

5. Bellanaija.com

One of the pioneers of blogging in Nigeria, known best for weddings, outing, outfit, that is fashion said to have inspired Linda Ikeji.
Uche Pedro has stamped her name in the history of blogging in Nigeria through Bella Naija. She actually inspired the widespread use of “Naija” by Nigerians. Bellanaija is one of the biggest Nigerian blogs.

4. Punchng.com

Punch is one of the blogs I expected to seriously challenge for number one position and think they are doing just that.
3. VanguardNGR.com

Was once the biggest website in Nigeria but lost the position back to Nairaland and now coming third behind Naij and Linda Ikeji in this blog rating.

2. LindaIkeji.com
Have been consistent as the number one blog in Nigeria and probably in Africa for the past two years and still going strong. Congratulation Linda Ikeji for making the number two on our list and hope you keep getting stronger and innovate someday.

1. Naij.ng NOW Legit.ng
Naij is an award winning website, talking about best source for local Nigerian news, they are known and respected for their adequate information from reliable sources. They have their articles or news been posted daily, this make this blog so friendly with major search engine on the internet. Though it was’nt created by a Nigerian, but the fact remains that, whether this news blog belong to a Nigerian or Belarusian, one thing is sure; it has made its mark in Nigerian blog and social media industry and therefore deserves our attention and recognition. 

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